Redwood Auto Detailing Covid-19 Response

Dear customers,

During the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis, we have implemented all necessary measures to ensure the safety of ourselves, our customers and do our part to protect the community.

We have heavily invested in PPE and have implemented a strict hygiene routine, which includes routinely sanitizing hands and equipment between vehicles. We will also be disinfecting surfaces such as keys, door handles, gear knob and the steering wheel after every service. Closely monitoring our own health and will follow self-isolation guidelines.

All invoices provided and payments made will remain online.

We offer several Interior sanitising and disinfecting services such as Steam Cleaning and Ozone shock treatments.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on 021 187 24255 or email


Thank you.


Zane Haywood

Redwood Auto Detailing

Redwood Auto Detailing
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