If your vehicle is due for a general clean, this package is for you. Covering everything that should be done in a regular maintenance clean. We thoroughly wash the exterior including door jambs, wheels, and visible arches. The interior is given a vacuum and all hard surfaces cleaned and conditioned. We finish by cleaning all glass and applying a wax to the paintwork.

Small (Compact/Hatch) $70

Medium(Sedan/Coupe) $90

Large (SUV/Station Wagon) $110

Extra Large (4X4/Van) $130


Full Service

A more in-depth clean, this routine covers the comprehensive treatment of both interior and exterior surfaces. Carpets and upholstery are thoroughly cleaned, leather gently cleansed and conditioned. The exterior paintwork and glass are treated to a clay bar decontamination, leaving your paint feeling as smooth as glass. We then finish by hand polishing the paintwork & applying a long-lasting paint sealant.

Large (SUV/Station Wagon) $230

Medium(Sedan/Coupe) $210

Small (Compact/Hatch) $190

Extra Large (4X4/Van) $250


Small (Compact/Hatch) $100

Medium(Sedan/Coupe) $120

Large (SUV/Station Wagon) $140


We spend a great deal of time in our vehicles,  getting in and out here and there can attract all sorts of dirt and grime so, it is important we keep them clean and healthy. This routine includes a carpet and upholstery shampoo, leather cleans and condition, a thorough clean and condition of all interior surfaces. This creates a much cleaner, healthier environment for you & your family. We use steam cleaning and water extraction to remove harmful allergens and germs and get the best results. Often overlooked, a clean interior just makes it a nicer place to be.

Extra Large (4X4/Van) $160


Vehicle exteriors are exposed to all sorts of harsh environmental conditions.  Contaminants like baked-on bugs, tar, tree sap and road grime that can’t be removed with a general wash. Left untreated these contaminants will cause damage to exterior surfaces reducing the life of the paintwork. This routine focuses on removing these harmful contaminants, adding a layer of protection from future damage and giving your vehicle that showroom shine.

Large (SUV/Station Wagon) $140

Medium(Sedan/Coupe) $120

Small (Compact/Hatch) $100

Extra Large (4X4/Van) $160


Pre-sale Preparation

Creating a good impression on potential buyers is key to reaching the highest sale price.

Clean engine bay, polished exterior and an immaculately clean interior that smells great can have a dramatic effect. 


We customise our pre-sales packages to work with your vehicle's needs and your budget.


Feel confident asking for the highest sale price, book a pre-sale service today.

Get in touch for a free no obligations quote.


New Vehicle Preparation

You would think when buying a new vehicle it would be in pristine condition. Unfortunately, this is not the case. By the time the vehicle reaches you, it has often attracted considerable contamination on the exterior in storage & in the transportation process. Even dealership preparation can install swirls in the paintwork.


We offer a few options and stages when it comes to new car prep. From properly cleaning & polishing surfaces to the application of protective coatings.

If you have just purchased a new vehicle and won't it properly prepared or protected, give us a call to discuss what options best suit you.


Maintenance Wash

Suitable for regular customers only. This service is used to maintain a vehicle's condition in between full services. Regular maintenance is the safest, most economical and environmentally sustainable way to keep your vehicle in great condition. Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of becoming a regular client.


Small (Compact/Hatch) $40

Medium(Sedan/Coupe) $60

Large (SUV/Station Wagon) $80

Extra Large (4X4/Van) $100


Additional Services

Engine Bay Detailing

Cleaning an engine bay should be part of a regular maintenance routine. Often overlooked this is an area that can help increase the life of your vehicle and help maintain it's value in years to come. 

From $50

Under-guard Detailing 

(Wheels off)

If you want the best care for your vehicle or if you’re looking to export, an under-guard detail is a must. We remove and detail wheels front to back,  degrease under-guard components, polish painted calipers and apply a protective coating to surfaces.

From $250




If your vehicles carpet and upholstery is in need of some extra attention, we can bring it back to life.  Get rid of dirt and grime, eliminate nasty allergens and remove odours. We use steam cleaners and shampoo extractors to get the best results and create a much cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family. 

Two rows of seats $80  

Three rows of seats $120

Leather Care 

Leather adds a touch of luxury to the interior of a vehicle but it is expensive so, it needs to be well cared for and kept in good condition. Leather should be clean and condition every three months to keep it at its best. 

Two rows of seats $80  

Three rows of seats $120

Steam Cleaning 


Steam cleaning is a powerful, non-toxic way to clean and sanitize surfaces, killing up to  99.99% of germs and bacteria. Steam cleaning a safe, healthy, eco-friendly, all-natural way to clean.


Pet Hair Removal

If you’re a proud dog owner, at some point you have probably faced the seemingly impossible task of removing pet hair from your car’s seats and carpets.

Luckily, we have the tools and techniques to get the job right. 


 $30 + Interior service 


Next stage




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