Suitable for regular customers only. Used within our regular maintenance programs, this is the safest, most economical way to properly upkeep the condition of your vehicle. Check out our Maintenance Page for a list of benefits of having your vehicle regularly detailed.


Estimated Time: 1+ Hours

Interior Vacuum 

Comprehensive vacuum, getting into all the little nooks and crannies.

Maintain Dash, Console, All Interior Trim & Rubber 

Wipe down with Eco Touch Interior All Purpose Cleaner, addressing any area that may need extra attention. Eco Touch Interior (water based) Dressing is then applied to revitalize the surface and leave a layer UV protection.

Maintain Carpets & Upholstery 

In a maintenance service we will only address areas that require attention. We recommend having your upholstery and carpets extensively cleaned at least once a year.

Maintain Leather 

Again, with leather interiors we may only need to address areas that require attention. We do recommend having the leather gently cleansed and conditioned at least once every 3 months.

Maintain Door Jams 

Wipe down with Eco Touch Waterless Wash removes dirt and dust, and leaves a deep glossy finish.

Clean & Treat Tyres & Visible Arches

A thorough scrub with Eco Touch Cleaner removes dirt and grime. We then apply Eco Touch Tyre Dressing to rejuvenate the surface and leave a lasting layer of UV protection.

Wash Wheels/Rims

Face and barrel scrubbed with Eco Touch Wheel Cleaner safely breaking down break dust, dirt and grime. We then apply a spay wax to give some protection and add a deep glossy shine.

Maintenance Exterior Wash 

Hand wash using high quality Eco Touch Soap, take care of any surface contamination like bugs, bird dropping and tar. Then top up the protective layer by adding a coat of spray wax.

Please note: Depending on where your vehicles is, in our schedule we may add an exhaust tip polish, clay bar decontamination, reapply a paint sealant.

Clean Interior & Exterior Glass 

Eco Touch Window Cleaner and dedicated Microfiber cloths ensure clean and streak free results.

Small $60   Medium $80   Large $100

(Small) Compact Vehicle/Hatchback (Medium) Sedan/Coupe (Large) SUV/Station Wagon




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