Most people are aware of wax and the nice glossy finish they give to the paintwork but there is a wide range of protective coatings available for every surface from boot to bumper giving varying levels of protection.

We offer a range of quality exterior and interior surface coatings that will protect your pride and joy and keep it looking for years to come.


Ceramic coatings are the latest in automotive surface protection. Long-lasting they can protect surfaces from environmental damage for up to 5 years, repel contamination keeping vehicles cleaner longer and makes washing much easier. The increased shine ceramic coating produce eliminates the need for regular waxing saving you time and money.  Please note: the prices below are for product and application only and do not include surface preparation which will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Get in touch for more info.

Small (Compact/Hatch) $400

Medium(Sedan/Coupe) $500


Large (SUV/Station Wagon) $600

Extra Large (4X4/Van) $700


Protect exterior trim from premature wear & keep it looking fresh. Our trim coatings offer high quality protection against oxidation & the destructive influence of chemicals. Coatings can be applied most hard surfaces, plastics, unpainted panels & headlight lenses to prevent UV damage and yellowing.

$130 All Exterior Trim



Exterior glass coatings repel both water and dirt from the glass surface to improved visibility it will also reduce dirt, tree fallout, bugs and bird droppings from sticking to the surface.

$200 All Exterior Glass



Our wheel coating can endurance temperatures  exceeding 300 degrees with out any loss to its original properties. Repelling contamination, wheels stay cleaner longer & makes cleaning much easier reducing the time it takes to clean the wheels, especially wheels with complicated patterns.

$150 + Preparation for all Four Wheels 



Our interior protection package covers all interior materials including seats, carpets and floor mats. Coatings repel spills,dirt and stops them from staining materials, protects from UV damage. lasting up to 12 months  This treatment is suitable for leather or fabric interiors.

Coatings last up to 12 months  This treatment is suitable for leather or fabric interiors.

Two rows of seats $300 + Interior detail

Three rows of seats $350 + Interior detail


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