Specialty Services

Engine Bay Detailing


Restore your engine bay to how it should look. The engine bay is an area that greatly helps keep the value of your vehicle. Whether you’re just showing off or showing your vehicle to a prospective buyer. A clean & tidy engine bay shows your vehicle is well maintained.


From $50

Paint Correction (Cut and Polish)


Vehicle paintwork naturally deteriorates over time, losing the deep shine it once had. Periodically having your cars paintwork professionally polished will bring back that shine & get your car looking new again.

From $200

Ceramic Coating Application

The latest in automotive surface protection. Ceramic coating (Nano coatings) act as a very hard, durable sacrificial layer, protecting the underlying paintwork from deterioration from thing like UV damage/oxidization, chemical stains and etching. Ceramic coatings have a much longer service life than traditional wax & sealants (our coatings can last up to five years). As a bonus ceramic coating enhances gloss & makes washing your vehicle a breeze.

Give your car the latest in protection and keep It looking new. For more information on Ceramic coatings or to book an appointment. Get in touch today.

Black/Grey Trim Restoration

Permanently restore your badly faded trim and bring it back to like new condition.

Headlight Restoration


Restore discoloured or dull polycarbonate/plastic headlights. Keeping your headlight in good condition not only enhances your vehicles overall appearance, it also greatly increases road safety.


$65 per pair When included in a package or $80 per pair for restoration alone

Steam Cleaning


Hot steam vapor is a natural sanitizer and deodorizing agent. Penetrating deep into surface pores steam cleaning helps break down dirt, grease and residue and eliminates mould bacteria, viruses and germs. Steam cleaning is just a great way to clean without having to rely on harsh chemicals.

Carpet/Upholstery Shampoo/Extraction


Bring your interior back to life. Cleaning your vehicles carpet and upholstery not only improves its appearance. It will remove allergen, odours to create a much healthier environment for you and your family.

Carpet/Upholstery Protector Application


Fabric Protector helps repel liquids and block stains without changing the look and feel of the fabric. That means you can wipe the surface clean before the mess sinks in. perfect for protecting your new or freshly cleaned interior.

Due to the variation in vehicle sizes and conditions. We need to know a bit more about your vehicle to get a better understanding of potential cost for these services. Get in touch to find out more.




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